Specialist one to one study skills support

Remote support

The Degree Doctor offers online remote support nationwide. Receiving your one-to-one support through video conferencing allows you maximum flexibility over your session times and – with a little preparation – you can get a lot out of having your sessions this way.

Flexible sessions

Sessions at a time to suit you, including at evenings and weekends. Regular weekly slots are available, but sessions are also offered flexibly on an ‘as and when’ basis. We also often have slots available at short notice for when deadlines are looming.

Specialist skills

An approachable, friendly tutor who specialises in working with degree students, has extensive experience of the higher education environment, including as a university tutor and lecturer, and holds a specialist specific learning difficulties (SpLDs) qualification

Thank you for all your support and extra guidance – you handled my worry with care.

Matt, BA (Hons) Early Years Education

I honestly think I wouldn’t still be on the course if it hadn’t been for your support.

Margaret, BSc Adult Nursing